Alcohol and gambling

Is it worth it to drink before throwing dice?

Play as James Bond, of course, effectively: you just figured out all the scoundrels and saved the world, next to a luxurious blonde, you go to, put everything on red and, of course, win. Does this work not with the super-agents of the British special services?

The opinions of the scientists were divided. Some argue that a couple of drinks will make you feel more confident, and this will have a positive effect on the game. Others argue that the best game takes place on a sober head.

Consider the influence of alcohol on the player playing for money:

· Concentration deteriorates

· Decreased criticality to own solutions

· The so-called "oops" reflex

Blurred vision

In addition, it becomes more difficult to understand the true intentions of your opponent and it's easier to make the wrong choice. Alcohol can reduce the excitability of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It affects the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, judgment and long-term concentration of attention.

On the other hand, mild or moderate alcohol consumption plays a positive role in maintaining the "cognitive function of the brain" due to the beneficial effect of small doses of alcohol on the cardiovascular system. Moreover, by activating gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors, alcohol soothes, causes mild euphoria.

The conclusion is simple: you want to - drink, only in moderation. A little reduce nervousness, but do not lose concentration - that's the golden mean. Everyone has his own norm, of course.

Mix alcohol and gambling in reasonable proportions, but do not shake it, and let you be lucky as James Bond!

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